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Monday, October 30, 2023

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British band General Jack debut

GENERAL JACK - General Jack - DeFox Records/Heart Of Steel Records 2023

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are very proud to announce the EP of GENERAL JACK, English band that was formed in the late 80s and that materialized their line-up in the 90s!

General Jack's sound is heavily influenced by the NWOBHM, conducted by the singer Darren Joyce with Shaun Stain,Guitar - Patrick Jackson, Guitar - Scott Gregory, Bass, Backing vocals - Drew Poxon, Drums, Backing vocals.

The EP titled "General Jack" contains four songs in tune with the first New Wave Of British Heavy Metal of the Eighties, the most authentic one with lots of Rock and Roll and Hard Rock.

Mirko DeFox says "As soon as I listened to General Jack's songs I heard that immortal sound generated by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, the scent of the 80s, when the energy of the guitars was sprayed all over the world. The members of the band they lived at the forefront of the era of Saxon, Samson, Maiden, Fist. The lifeblood of that sound still flows vividly in General Jack!"

The product will be launched on the digital market on November 20th and distributed in major stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube Music and many others.

Track list:

1 Show No Mercy

2 Fantasy 

3 Cold Hearted Women

4 Going Back Home (Dr. Feelgood's Cover)

Follow the band:

The FB:


Monday, October 16, 2023

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SACLAS announce The Origin, According To Mainländer

SACLAS "The Origin, According To Mainländer" - Invincible Records/DeFox Records 2023

The legendary mastermind Martin Martinez, announces the second release of the new project called Saclas titled "The Origin, According To Mainländer" which will be released on October 10th, 2023, distributed worldwide through Invincible Records on digital market.

The new project of the Mexican multi-instrumentalist Martin Martinez (Xipe Totec, Yatrogeny, Consolamentum, Miquian, Eclectic Spawn), presents his new album titled: “THE ORIGIN, ACCORDING TO MAINLÄNDER”, between the riffs of an Old School Death Metal deep and ethereal melodies are heard transversal flute, even, in the midst of these small atmospheres, exude guitar solos based on Persian Scales, quite consistent with a direct Death Metal orchestrated under guttural voices that recall the german philosopher and poet Phillipp Mainländer (1841 - 1876), an album that is somehow, is a tribute to his work "PHILOSOPHY OF REDEMPTION", which maintains that the beginning of time and of Everything was the self-annihilation of God; being the universe, life, and consequently, ourselves, corpses of that Primordial Unit, which once, avidly preferred: Nothingness...

Track list:

1.- Everything ends in the grave (Intro)  

2.- His Death, Our Creation

3.- The Origin, According To Mainländer

4.- Utopian Ideal State

5.- From Miracle To Abomination

6.- Teleology Of Eradication

7.- Our Life, A Slow Agony

8.- Demon And Saint

9.- All That Is, Has Been

10.- Redeemer

11.- Perspective Towards Nothing

- Intro (Voice by Akizur).  “ Todos nuestros caminos terminan en la tumba”, Mainländer.

- Cover painting, all music, voice & instruments: Martin Martinez (

- Mix , Master, logo &  Art design by Adrián Barrios (

- Lyrics: excerpts from Mainländer's writings, summary by Martin Martinez. 



Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Claytone Claymore new album now available

DeFox Records and BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS are pleased to announce the new album Titled " Amazing gravity" of electro experimental project from Denmark called CLAYTONE CLAYMORE #claytoneclaymore #bubblebloodrecords

The sound is difficult to categorize but it can be defined as alternative, experimental, perhaps post punk. Claytone Claymore is a visionary project, a sort of delirious and cryptic journey, created by multi-instrumentalist Jeppe Sorensen.

The product will be launched on the digital market on September 30th and will be distributed in major stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube Music and many others.

Picture by Remi Galiazzo and Artwork by Stellaclone Design

Music and Lyrics, All instruments by Jeppe Sorensen

Album : Amazing gravity

Track list :               

1. Betty Blue               

2. Bring in the clowns 

3. Golden words        

4. Quicksand              

5. Too late      


Press Office:


Thursday, February 24, 2022

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BLACK CAVE Wild metal from Brazil


BLACK CAVE - The virus is there - DeFox Records/Heart Of Steel Records 2022

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records announce the second album of BLACK CAVE, a music project from Brazil. The album entitled "The virus is there" contains ten songs in vein into the primordial Heavy Metal of the Eighties, the roughest and wildest one, where Paulo Destroyyer sings in English and plays all the instruments.

The product will be launched on the digital market on March 15th and will be distributed in major stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube Music and many others.

Paulo Destroyyer Maia is a singer and musician based in Petrópolis, a popular Brazilian tourist destination in the Rio de Janeiro region.

The visceral love for the wildest metal rock has led him in a recent past to play with Abomination Wide, a trio that made its worldwide debut in 2016 with Invincible Records, putting on the market the EP entitled "Hypocrites Must Die" containing five dedicated songs. to a ferocious thrash and death metal.

The BLACK CAVE art project sees Paulo Destroyyer playing all the instruments and introducing himself as an one man band. The sounds within this album are attributable to Heavy and recall the primordial frontal attacks of European metal band of the early 80's and in particular of NWOBHM.

The songs of "The virus is there" were recorded and finalized in Petropolis, a town near Rio thanks to the collaboration of some partners who supported Paulo in this artistic adventure, the Morozesk guitars and the Hs Stomp pedalboard. (LISTEN preview songs)

Metal Destroyyer Video channel:

Saturday, January 15, 2022

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Kirkebrann / Visegard - Kirkegard split


New Promo - Kirkebrann / Visegard (Split) 'Kirkegard' (Norwegian Black Metal)

Release Date: November 30th, 2021

FFO: Carpathian Forest, Black Altar, Vulture Lord

Odium Records announces on 30th of November a premiere of the split of two Norwegian bands - Kirkerbran and Visegard titled "Kirkegard". Each of the bands prepared six songs. About an hour of pure Norwegian black metal rooted in the 90s.

Split is released as 6 panels digi pack cd with 16 pages booklet and digital.
You can order it at: or

Check out these videos!

Among the invited guests you will hear Nattefrost. Daniel Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest is responsible for the mix of vocals on Kirkebrann's side whilst Morfeus known from Limbonic Art is behind the whole of Visegard's production.

Kirkebrann site:
Black Metal Blues
Døden Byr Opp Til Dans
Vederstyggelig Samsara
Lange Nette
Hedensk Dødsmarsj_
Visegard side:
Hvor Gausta Rår
Jerva Jakop

Kirkebrann lineup:
Draug - Vocals
Hrafn - Gitar
Nasreten - Gitar
Januz - Bass
Nødset - Drums

Guest Vocals on "Terroritt" by Campbell
Guest Vocals on "Lange Netter" by Nattefrost

Visegard lineup:
Nasreten – vocals, guitars
Slakt – bass, additional vocals
Banahogg – drums

Guest vocals on ''Hvor Gausta Rår'' by Januz and Petter Berg.

Kirkebrann recorded in 2016 at SBC studio, engineered by Kirkebrann and mixed by Hrafn, vocals mixed by Daniel Vrangsinn

Visegard Recorded in 2016/2017
Drums recorded at the Blindfolded dungeon in
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded in Transient LAB.
Engineered and mixed by Morfeus in Transient LAB

More info at these links:


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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Neuropsy releases single to announce the arrival of their new EP released by DyMM P&M

Neuropsy is a Death Metal band from Setúbal, Portugal, formed in 2016 by Fábio Abenta (vocals), João Martins (guitar), Jorge Leitner (bass) and Oleg Lozhkin (drums). The band has released one EP in 2017 focusing on egypician lyrical themes and a full length album on 2018, focusing on gore, death, doom and destruction based lyrical themes, with an old school sound, raw, groovy and straight to the point.

As for the new upcoming EP ''Vivisection Of The Demented'' soon to be released on January 2022, the band has worked on this record for the past three years. There have been line up changes throughout this period, having the current line up been completed as of recently, consisting of Fábio Abenta (vocals), João Martins (guitar), Flávio Kebras (guitar) and Jorge Leitner (bass). The band is currently without a drummer. The main themes for the songs on this record are based on the human fragile psyche. It dwells deeper on the problems of the mind such as depression, dementia, schizophrenia, among other mental disorders. It draws from different perspectives, such as personal introspective on the sickness, the outcome of your being determined by those in power of your life, the simple understanding of our meaningless existence, and even satire regarding the lunacy and unsanity of our mindset. The music presents you with some solid death metal riffage, with a good balance of heaviness, melody, groove and rhythm variations.


Listen Now:

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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CELTIC HILLS Issue Update on New Full-Length

CELTIC HILLS Issue Update on New Full-Length, To Guest Germana Noage Album, Launch Drummer Auditions!

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS have issued an update on their new full-length, revealing also that Jonathan, the band's leader, will be guesting the new album of Germana Noage. Furthermore, the band is launching the auditions for new drummer. Read more details below.

Jonathan stated:
Some anticipation from Jonathan Vanderbilt on the new full length of Celtic Hills! The new album lacks the vocal parts to be recorded and there is already something new here! After this record, drummer Simone Cescutti will leave the band to devote himself to his personal career as a singer and then as a greeting from Celtic Hills towards his personal growth one of the songs will be sung by him. A way to greet the fans. Then we also anticipate that Jonathan will come out with an unreleased song on the single that opens the solo career of Germana Noage who had participated as a guest on Mystai Keltoy singing the song Eden. After that collaboration Jonathan wrote and played the song Surrender which will be released on November 19, 2021 again for Elevate Records. Celtic Hills are also evaluating the entry into the line up of a new drummer and therefore those who want to propose themselves can write to: 

Earlier Jonathan revealed on the upcoming album:
"Again this time we will talk about Friuli, and the theory is at work that the location of the American Air Force Base Aviano is used to control an ancient access to the underground world, which has been used by the pagan gods since ancient times. The magical rites of the inhabitants of the mountains and the places where elves, fairies and gnomes once lived among the people are revealed. There are already definitive titles such as The Sound of the Earth in F sharp minor. A text tells how you can use the beneficial energy of the trees at dawn to strengthen your energies, but there will be no lack of historical events that accompany every CELTIC HILLS album."

2021 has been a very positive year for CELTIC HILLS! The reviews of the 'Mystai Keltoy' album have been many, published on the major world newspapers and all with an average rating of around 9.

"Mystai Keltoy" (which is an enigmatic name that alludes to the Eleusian Mysteries) was released on May 15th 2021 via Elevate Records, and it's inspired by themes ranging from ancient alien civilizations, European pyramids, legends and historical facts of Friuli, as you can already guess from the album cover. The disc was recorded and produced at the Groove Factory in Udine by Michele Guaitoli, a prominent name for being the lead singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis, Era.

Coverart was created by Sheila Franco.

Order the album here:
Stream the album on Spotify here:

The formation of the power trio is Simone Cescutti on drums, Jacopo Novello on bass and Jonathan Vanderbilt on vocals and guitars. The cover is hand painted by Sheila Franco, the same girl who painted Blood Over Intents, and represents the myth of the ancient visitors. Jonathan Vanderbilt played and recorded the album with Panico Custom instruments, the Italian sponsor of custom lutherie of Luca Panico di Ravenna, a guitar specially created with the specifications requested by the Canadian guitarist.

Also watch/ stream the earlier videos:
'The 7 Headed Dragon of Osoppo' (Official Video) -
'Eden' (Official Video), Feat. Germana Noage -
'Alliteratio' (Official Audio) - 
'The Blood Is Not Water' (Official Video) -
'The Tomorrow Of Our Sons' (Official Video) -
Guardian Of 7 Stars (Official Video) -
Blood Flows Down (Official Video) -
A Happy Abdicant King (Official Video) -
Forum Julii (Official Lyric Video) -
Time (Official Video) -
Warpriest (Official Video) -

CELTIC HILLS were born in 2010, in 2020 they sign a recording contract with Elevate Records with which they release the album "Blood over Intents" and the EP "Schrage Musik" both in 2020.
 In 2021 another album is out "Mystai Keltoy" produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis and Era. The style played is difficult to place in a single vein of metal, as there are many influences ranging from death to power, with sound elements that can also recall a certain type of 90's thrash. The singing is quite varied, and for some listeners it may seem unusual in a metal band. power, speed and good melodic lines distinguish the band from others. Between 2010 and 2020 they released "Horns helmet fighters" and for the Slovak Music Globalliance they came out on international compilations on volumes 2,3,4. 

New CELTIC HILLS' logo was created by

More information at

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The Prehispanic Death Metal XIPE TOTEC new album

XIPE TOTEC "TLAMIQUIH” (DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2021)

The Prehispanic Death Metal duo has released a new album titled “Tlamiquih” (all things die), devastating Brutal Death Metal between ritual chants; memorable and devastating riffs accompanied by rainsticks, huehuetl, teponaztli and various flutes from ancient Mexico.

A mythical and cavernous trip to the past, recalling the Nahua culture and the mythology of the ancient gods of the Mexican pantheon, therefore the prehispanic instruments, the nahuatl language, archeology and Metal are some of the elements that you will find in this full length…

The album contains 10 songs and will be available worldwide on November 30, 2021 in the best stores iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube ... and many others.

The band consists of Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn Miquian) who plays practically all instruments ... and Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) on vocals.

Friday, October 22, 2021

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Abyss release new video for the track Pallid Void


Abyss release new video for the track "Pallid Void"

One year after the release of the Split-EP of German melodic black metal band Abyss and Slovakian post-black metal band Besna, the two of them collaborated for another project. This time in the form of an episodic live stream.
After Besna presented the video of their song „Fuga", Abyss is now giving an excerpt of their live session.

With „Pallid Void" the black metal quintet grants the first glimpse of its full-length debut endeavor. The song opens calm and meditative, followed by an abrupt switch into raw, intertwining riffs. It is concluded with a mesmerizing sequence that reveals the song's cyclic arrangement. The visual presentation leans towards this very concept and remains indistinct, just like a blur into nothingness.

As the third and final installment, the full Abyss/Besna Splitsession is going to be released on the 7th of November.

Abyss – Pallid Void


Besna – Fuga



Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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The Arsenicum Potestas Ascensionem 4:30 new album 2021


The Arsenicum Potestas "Ascensionem 4:30" new album 2021

The Blackened Death metal band THE ARSENICUM POTESTAS, will release in a digital format their 3rd album titled "Ascensionem 4:30" on the next Oct 31st through the official Bandcamp page.

Recorded in 2021, this album takes death to a new level with 8 dark and somber melodies that will bring you to step by step closer to the inevitable embrace of the grim reaper.

"I am very proud of this album, which was conceived and spawned in the midst of difficult personal times. The album narrates song after song the ascension process of my mother's soul to the other side and the new experiences and feelings that I had to face with her departure. So everything is immersed in a real situation of death of a loved one, which we all have to face one day." - D./The Arsenicum Potestas

1-Ascensionem 4:30

Total Playing Time: 36 mins.
Recorded & Mixed at Demonic Attack Studio 2021.
Cover Artwork & layout by DG Artworks. Layout graphics by Nigrae Edictum.

For fans of Old School Black Death Metal.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

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AViVA Releases Her Latest Hit UNBREAKABLE

AViVA Releases Her Latest Hit 'UNBREAKABLE'

Starting 2021 on a strong note by smashing 3 billion streams globally, AViVA isn't wasting any time with releasing new music this year. "UNBREAKABLE" continues developing the sonic palette that AViVA fans know and love, with her powerful, yet still vulnerable lyrics expanding on those themes of self expression and creativity.

With her increasing global profile AViVA is treating her fans, many of who are still in various levels of lockdown and restrictions with live-streamed rehearsals, twitch streaming, as well as her usual social engagement across a multitude of platforms. Here is what AViVA has said about "UNBREAKABLE". "To me 'UNBREAKABLE' is a song about bouncing back despite adversity. The lyric "why did I trust you" really conveys that desperation that you can feel when somebody you thought was on your side turns against you. Sometimes even though you can forgive someone for what they've done you can't necessarily forget it and it's okay to remember that. But despite all that dwelling on things that have gone wrong doesn't help you move forward and 'UNBREAKABLE' is about moving forward reminding yourself that you can't be beaten down and broken down by other people".

As always 2021 looks like it's going to be a massive year for AViVA so "UNBREAKABLE" is just another piece of her ever growing multi-verse, with her debut novel SELF/LESS coming out the second half of the year. Co-written and produced by AViVA, MataisC, Jean-Paul Fung, Nick Bailey Mastered by Chris Gehringer.

Friday, April 9, 2021

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DARKFALL release a new lyric video

DARKFALL release a new lyric video for the track "Tides Of War"

Darkfall and Mortal Strike will release a split album on May 7th. On "Thrashing Death Squad" both bands offer two new songs each, flanked by a cover version of the other band and another cover of a metal classic.

Darkfall just released a new lyric video for the opener track "Tides Of War". You can watch at this location:

01 Darkfall - Tides Of War
02 Darkfall - The Gates Are Open
03 Darkfall - Here Comes The Tank (Mortal Strike Cover)
04 Darkfall - Hail To The Warriors (Manowar Tribute)
05 Mortal Strike - A Storm Will Overcome
06 Mortal Strike - P.T.S.D.
07 Mortal Strike - Rise To Dominate (Darkfall Cover)
08 Mortal Strike -Freibier (Tankard Cover)