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Saturday, April 3, 2021

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CONSOLAMENTUM announce second album Vault of Horror


DeFox Records and Invincible Records are excited to announce the second album of the dark doom metal band from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM !

The album title “Vault Of Horror”, an Epic Doom Metal based on the old horror movies (Amicus prods, Hammer films), "Creepshow"... or recalling those classic series like "The Twiligh Zone" or "X files".

Those notes on the transverse flute and pipe organ, make a more peculiar, ancient and mysterious sound than in unison with the Doom  voice of Phillip Yepez (The Fury I Hide), produces a journey of time, a mix between old & new Doom Metal.  The Lee Dorrian style comes to mind in some moments.

Tasters of Candlemass, Trouble, Blood Ceremony,  Cathedral, Pentagram, Altar Of Oblivion, from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM arrives to bring us the longing and nostalgia of the old horror cinema of the 60's - 90's in a Doom Metal made for you to wear your hood and taste the sadness and those times ...

The release will be available on April 30th - 2021.

The digital album on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Line up:

Martin Martinez, All instruments

Phillip Yepez, Vocals

track list:

01 A daugther for the devil

02 A good place to visit

03 A tale from the crypt

04 Asylum

05 Odissey of the flight

06 The death of Jordy Verril

07 The old boss Woodhead

08 Tooms

09 Twinds of evil

10 Vault of horror

Band FB:

Band site: 



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Friday, April 2, 2021

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Islander Drops Official Music Video


Better Noise Music rock band Islander just dropped the official music video for their recently released single "What Do You Gotta Lose?", a hopeful anthem about finding light and moving forward. The visual was directed by Nathan Mowery of Kid Punk. WATCH HERE.
Of the visual, Islander lead singer Mikey Carvajal says: "Filming the music video for 'What Do You Gotta Lose?' was an exhausting experience - physically and emotionally. We filmed it in a small church building in Georgia. The air conditioners weren't working, so every few shots we all had to walk outside to get some air. In the video, I play a version of myself where I come back to life at my own funeral. I'm there to remind everyone to "seize the day" (yes, that's a 'Dead Poets Society' reference.) It was really important for us to approach the concept of death in a way that was relatable, while also finding a bit of joy in the celebration of life. I believe this world isn't our 'forever home.' However, while we are here we need to do the next thing that is in front of us. This song is a plea for anyone thinking about suicide to hold on. It's not always easy being alive, but it's worth it. Joy comes in the morning".
Earlier this year, Islander further set the tone for their vulnerable music path, calling for empathy and connecting with their ever-growing global fanbase with the release of their deeply personal song
"The Outsider". It's a tribute to why the band gravitated towards rock music in the first place and a reminder to let anyone feeling like an outcast know that they have a place in the community of listeners that the group has formed. They're currently creating more music to release, solidifying their unique ability to offer meditative art in the craziness of the world.

Buy/Stream "What Do You Gotta Lose" Here!
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Illusory New Album

ILLUSORY Crimson Wreath ROCKSHOTS Records 21 May 2021

Rockshots Records Signs Greece's Illusory For New Album "Crimson Wreath" Out May 2021

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their latest signing of Greece's Illusory for their third full length "Crimson Wreath" planned for release May 2021. Having opened for such legendary acts Blue Oyster Cult, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate, and Gus G, the heavy metallers new album is the next step in their widely praised evolution to follow 2016's Polysllabic (7hard/7us) and 2013's "The Ivory Tower" (The Leaders Records).

Melodic, riffy, cerebral, and complex "Crimson Wreath" is a very emotional and melodic release, yet heavy and strong at the same time. Both new fans and ones who have been listening to the band for years will indulge themselves in this latest offering of classic, progressive, epic, and thrashy performances. Lyrical themes found on "Crimson Wreath" are mostly anti-war, but the full length also includes a thematic unit consisting of three songs that deal with human loss as both guitarist George Papantonis' parents passed away while the band was in studio recording it.

The band comments:

"The band is thrilled! When we look back, from the first minute to the last one, from the moment we pressed "record" on the very first drum tracking, to the latest addition and album wrap-up, we can't stop thinking about all the things we set and done during those recordings and the long hours of arranging every little album detail. "Crimson Wreath" has become a member of our discography and our most recent brainchild. And we are totally proud of it!"

Three singles "Besetting Sins", "All Blood Red" and "Ashes To Dust" are scheduled to be released leading up to the album's sales date. 

For fans of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Savatage, Jag Panzer, an album trailer for "Crimson Wreath" can be viewed on Rockshots Records YouTube channel:

The album will be released on May 21, 2021 -

#1 SINGLE "Besetting Sins" # on February 12, 2021


"This is the opening track of the album and also our first single off the "Crimson Wreath" album. A very heavy song with fast guitar gallops, an Eastern flavor, a melodic chorus and a progressive twin guitar melody in the middle of the song. It speaks about religion, the Seven Deadly Sins and especially about an ancient Greek emotion called Acedia…" 

#2 SINGLE "Crimson Wreath" # on March 12, 2021



 "The eponymous title of the album is a very complex song. It starts with some clean guitars and a beautiful piano theme and by the end of it, everything changes! There is a strong bridge in the middle, with some really big-sounding guitars and a tribal drumming part, which leads into a twin-guitar melody followed by keyboards and a great vocal bridge! "Crimson Wreath" is about a land invasion nowadays and it describes the emotions of the people who woke up under attack." adds the band. 

Track Listing:
1. Besetting Sins (5:01)
2. Acedia (2:11)
3. Crimson Wreath (6:35)
4. Immortal No (4:25)
5. All Shall Fade (1:51)
6. All Blood Red (5:48)
7. The Voice Inside Me (1:28)
8. S.T. Forsaken (8:08)
9. Ashes To Dust (5:51)
10. A Poem I Couldn't Rhyme (4:22)
An Opus Of Loss And Sorrow:
11. Pedestal I: Past Forever Last  (6:07)
12. Pedestal II: The Isle Of Shadows (9:08)
13. Pedestal III: Agony's Last (6:53)
14. Fortress Of Sadness (10:04)
Album Length: 1:18:00

Dee Theodorou – Vocals
George Papantonis – Guitars
Greg Bakos – Guitars
Niki Danos – Bass
Makis Vandoros – Keyboards
Costas Koulis – Drums

Keyboards on Crimson Wreath performed by George Konstantakelos and Dee Theodorou

Album Credits:
All songs composed, arranged and orchestrated by ILLUSORY
Produced by Yiannis Petroyiannis
Co-Produced byDee "" Theodorou
Engineered and edited by Dee "" Theodorou at theiCave StudioandYiannis Petroyiannisat the Matrix Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Yiannis Petroyiannis at theMatrix Studios
All songs composed, arranged and orchestrated by ILLUSORY
Art cover Design / Layout by Panagiotis "Hammer" Sfiris
Art concept conceived and directed byStiver Graunne
Photography by Vaios Roupis
Photo processing by Manos Psakis

Choir on "The Isle Of Shadows" and "Fortress Of Sadness": Anastasia Papadopoulou (Upon Revival), Gregory Koilakos (Fortis Ventus), Nancy Moschopoulou (Fortis Ventus) and Ophelia Baudelaire
Soprano Parts on "Fortress Of Sadness" by Nancy Moschopoulou (Fortis Ventus)
Additional Vocals on "Fortress Of Sadness" by Ophelia Baudelaire
Lullaby Intro on "Agony's Last" by Mary Tirou
Classical Guitars on "Acedia" and Acoustic Guitars on "The Isle Of Shadows" by Dimitris Fakos
Piano on "All Shall Fade", "Fortress Of Sadness" and "Past Forever Last" by Alexandros Roumeliotis
Narration on "Ashes To Dust" by Grigoris Valtinos
Narration on "Acedia" by Paul Logue
Narration on "The Voice Inside Me" by Stiver Graunne
Narration on "The Isle Of Shadows" by George Papantonis
Gang Voices by the Ivories & Gregory Koilakos (Fortis Ventus)
Choral Arrangements by Dee Theodorou


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Tilian Releases New Single And Video



Today, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tilian releases his latest single and music video, "Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?": LISTEN HERE and watch the video HERE. Along with new song, Tilian officially announces his upcoming full-length album, "Factory Reset", due for release on April 23, 2021 via Rise Records. Pre-order/pre-save the album HERE.
Tilian wrote "Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?" about "the joy that is released after a necessary destruction" – and the result shows a brand-new side to his artistry. "Musically, I tried to take production risks and try things I haven't before. I imagine it might be more polarizing for current fans, because it's meant to stand out as a dramatic moment in the middle of the album".
"Factory Reset" is both highly personal and wholly universal. Tilian began writing the album just a few weeks after the pandemic forced California into lockdown. "I was searching for meaning in isolation and found it in creating this album", Tilian shares about the process. He decided to write, record, and produce the album himself, eventually remotely bringing in drummer/frequent collaborator Kris Crummett to help button it up.
Having full creative control allowed Tilian to experiment more than ever, and truly be himself in the process. "[I wanted] to make the album that I want to hear. 'What would be my favorite band?' as opposed to, 'What is everyone's favorite band?'" This resulted in his most thrillingly eclectic work to date: a falsetto-laced brand of alt-pop that spans everything from trippy psychedelia and heavy prog riffs to warped hip-hop beats and dembow grooves.


Recently, Tilian released two other singles from the album – "Anthem" and "Dose"These were first offerings since the release of his 2018 album The Skeptic, which debuted on the Billboard charts at #1 Alternative New Artist, #2 Top New Artists, and #5 Alternative. To date, the project has garnered over 40M global streams and two music videos with over 1M views each, proving the excitement and potential for the burgeoning alt-pop artist. More recently, he collaborated with Marigolds+Monsters and Travis Barker on the exciting single "Falling out of Rhythm".

Pre-order "Factory Reset" Here!

Monday, November 30, 2020

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Wahnsinn Industries new single inspired by universe of Mad Max


DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS proudly announce a new production, a high energy single by futurist rockers WAHNSINN titled "Fuoco ... Cammina con me". The release also contains in the virtual B side a remix of the song "Claustrofobia". For the first time the band adopts the new WAHNSINN INDUSTRIES moniker.

The italian band that stands out for the use of a particular make-up and look that characterizes the concept inspired by a dystopian future present the single describing it as "Shamelessly, exuberantly and happily inspired by the high octane universe of Mad Max. 

Wahnsinn Industries, with the solid collaboration of DaLima video production; introduces a small grain of sand, a small fragment of a puzzle that promises to be juicy and tortuous. With "Fuoco ... Cammina con me" we will "walk", “We will admire”: a swinging journey soaked between the post-atomic fury of Millerian conception, the metaphysical and surreal David Lynch ispired, the retro-futuristic and dystopian lo-fi, the torments and the Stephen King's terrors; the pulp and the blood exploitation. Sit back, make yourself comfortable, and prepare your eyes and ears for an abysmal and deep wandering made in Wahnsinn Industries " 

The product is available on biggest music stores: Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music, Apple Music ...Il singolo digitale è disponibile dal 20 di Novembre 2020.

Video HERE 

Pic. by Youssef DaLima & DaLima Production

Backl ink:


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Asia Press Agency :

Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Dead Shape Figure has released a new single

Dead Shape Figure’s new song is an anti-anthem for perverse f**kheads

Finnish melodic death metal band Dead Shape Figure has released a new single named "The Worship of Ashes". This track is a second single from their upcoming EP which is set to be released later this year via Inverse Records. 


Listen to the single:


VIDEO here



Apple Music: 





DSF singer Galzi comments:

"The text on The Worship Of Ashes is a study of Gustaf Mahler's quote "Tradition ist nicht die Antbetung der Asche, sondern die Wietergabe des Feurers". A thought game of where would we end if we store nothing but old shit at the back of our minds instead of being ignited to a new. This is an anti-anthem for perverse fuckheads."

Guitarist Juhani Flick continues:

"On the musical side the song bows to a legendary finnish band Kingston Wall, being of course as DSF as ever."


Dead Shape Figure:

Galzi - Vocals

Ville Sahakangas - Drums

Neissu - Lead Bass

Seppo Nummela - Guitar

Juhani Flinck - Guitar

Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Maverick is Ricky De Camargo second album

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are really proud to announce the second instrumental solo album of guitar wizard Ricky De Camargo.

The album titled “Maverick” contains seven instrumental songs featuring guitar riffs, vibrant solos and magnificent keyboards sound. 

Guitarist Ricky De Camargo lives in Brazil and he has played in some rock and metal bands from his country, he love Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Bumblefoot and all rock guitar masters! 

The release will be published in September 25th - 2020.

The digital album available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

This will be Ricky's second Instrumental Solo Album. In this record, Ricky bring us the same concept of rock, prog rock and many guitar lines. Everything very well mixed with orchestral arrangements. The album has 7 Instrumental Tracks. All writen and arranged by Ricky in his studio. The record process took around 3 months from start to finish. 

Ricky played, programed and recorded all the guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, synths solos and orchestral arrangements. A truly one man band project. In this album, Ricky put all the best songs that came up during the pre-production. Making a perfect balanced record.


The opening track "Maverick" it's a orchestral/prog-metal tune that it's divided in two parts. The first one it's more metal and direct. The second half give us the taste of prog-metal, with odd time signatures, dark riffs that switchs during all the second part, meanwhile synths solos runs during the next two minutes.

The next track "Lifestream" it's a ballad in Re minor. It's a track about overcome depression and keep going.

The third track "Sunrise in your Eyes" was recorded in honor of the Asians. People that Ricky has the greatest respect and admiration.

"Full Throttle, the fourth track, is a more direct rock song on the album. It is about doing the best you can in what you do in this life.

"The Angel's Choir", it's the fifth track from album. It's a more Gospel tune, with several choirs arrangements and several time signatures changes. 11/8, 7/8 and 8/8 to be more precisely. Ricky also wrote the Synth Solo that we have in this one.

The sixth track from "Maverick" it's "Twilight". A track that Ricky wrote many years ago.

According to ricky, he always tried to improve his guitar technique in front of his house watching the sunset.

That was the inspiration for the track.

The last song on the album is "Shadows Will Fade Someday". A complete song from the orchestra with many changes of tones.

To complete the album, Ricky wanted to have a song that would challenge him technically and theoretically, in terms of composition.

Then, after days and days of composing, he finally achieved a harmony that fulfilled the requirements he intended for this song.


Ricky de Camargo: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Orchestral and MIDI arrangements.

Mixed and Mastered at Guazzelli's Studios.

Photo by Mario Mendes

Cover art by Ray Walter




Thursday, July 2, 2020

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Nordicwinter present third album

Upon Canada's frozen winds; Nordicwinter was spawned in August 2006 by a single entity known as evillair

Laden with haunting melodies and cryptic vocals, Nordicwinter sets out to drive back into the wombs from whence they came from, those false souls who today haunt the black metals scene like paint by numbers specters. There, within their bloody sepulchers, they will die; screaming silent screams that none will deign to hear.

The band's third album "Desolation" is now available in Limited edition Digipak and digital download on their bandcamp page

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

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Finnish doom rock/metal band OBLIVION BEACH new video

OBLIVION BEACH to release new single “Elektrik Forest”

Finnish doom rock/metal band OBLIVION BEACH was built on the frozen ashes of the metal act VUOLLA in 2018. The band stands as a four-piece unit that calls upon the forces of heavy riffs and sirens of melancholy. The first single ”The Dive” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Brooke at Tonehaven Recording Studio in June 2018. The track was released as a digital single on 03.08.2018 via Schwarzdorn Production and describes a strange journey upon a sea of visions with messengers from another time and place. ”The Dive” was about taking the first steps towards the unknown, letting go of safe spaces and familiar corners of life and setting sail towards a place where you don’t have to belong to anything. The beach of the lost and the fallen.

On 17.04.2020 OBLIVION BEACH release a new single “Elektrik Forest” along with a music video. With doomy vibes, groovy riffs and a beautiful melancholic female voice OBLIVION BEACH takes you onboard a post-apocalyptic spiritual scavenger raid!


OBLIVION BEACH debut album is on the way - more news as they arrive.
Meanwhile – doom on!
Where’s that beach??!

Oblivion Beach Facebook:
Oblivion Beach Instagram:
Schwarzdorn Production:
Schwarzdorn Production Facebook:
Schwarzdorn Production Twitter:
Schwarzdorn Production SoundCloud:

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

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Charred Funk debut Ep

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut EP of an exciting Hard Rock band from New York called CHARRED FUNK.
The album titled “Charred Funk” contains five instrumental songs featuring classic US Rock guitar riffs with wicked funky vibes.
Guitarist Peter Milo who was part of the New York hard rock scene in the 1980s, has a seasoned approach inspired by the legendary masters of the genre. His love for Van Halen, Satriani is quite evident!
The release will be published in May 05th - 2020.
The digital album available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Charred Funk are a New York based power trio, dishing out their unique brand of overdriven, hard-hitting, instrumental funk rock. Their music features a Joe Walsh-meets-Eddie Van Halen guitar style perched atop a granite-hard foundation of booming bass lines and pounding percussion.

Charred Funk are:
Peter Milo - Guitar
Wade Storey - Bass
RK Beets - Drums

Track list:
1. Ironclad Groove
2. Funk in A
3. Mister Jimi
4. Say Funkle
5. Rocket Ed



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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Rotting Out releasing their new single

American hardcore punk band, Rotting Out, are releasing their new single “Stones” today. The single comes off of the band’s forthcoming full-length album, "Ronin", which will be released on April 10, 2020 via Pure Noise Records. “Stones” follows the release of their singles, “Reaper” and “Unforgiven”.


“‘Stones’ is a very aggressive and angry song. I started going to shows at a very young age, and in the place where I’m from there’s a very ghetto and violent atmosphere. In the projects of Los Angeles, there’s a lot of gang activity, drug use, prostitution, violence, domestic abuse, and child abuse. This is what I was surrounded with. When I got into hardcore, it was cool because it didn’t involve all of that or glorify it” shares lead vocalist Walter Delgado.

“Then, there was a point where I started to notice that certain bands or certain people in the hardcore scene adopted the style of being from the ghetto. They started glorifying the grim and the dirt - just negative things that shouldn’t be glorified to begin with from ghettos when these people were not from there. […] This isn’t pretty and it’s not meant to be put on a pedestal. It’s just a matter of the situation, and people are born into this situation unwillingly. It’s a big fuck you to everyone who tried to adopt this ‘cool swag ghetto child’ vibe when they themselves are from suburbia”.

On the forthcoming album, Delgado continues: "It’s been 7 years since our last LP. A lot has happened since: hard lessons, periods of isolation, weight of guilt, diagnosis, crippling realization, absolute hopelessness and also absolute peace and calmness. The purpose for the image of the record is that there was a lot that was left unspoken and I danced around the darker moments and some were just buried completely. I decided to reopen things that haven’t been open in almost 25 years and look it straight in the face. That old dusty mirror that shows me more than I’d like to see or remember. I’ve never been more proud of writing this record and nothing was left behind on my end. Some of these took more out of me than I’d like to admit. Nonetheless, I knew it was time to put it all out there”.
Raised on the sounds of local LA heroes Suicidal Tendencies and Pennywise, yet fully indebted to the thriving Southern California hardcore scene, Rotting Out have continually created some of the most energetic and captivating punk/hardcore being played today. Their music expresses a certain LA grit that is so rarely captured by many hardcore bands.

After disbanding from their original band, Dogpile, the band formed in 2007. Since then, they have released two full-length records and two EPs. With vocalist Walter Delgado’s arrest in Ohio and 18-month sentence for transporting an estimated 700 pounds of marijuana, the band was forced to take a break. After a three-year hiatus, the band reemerged into the scene at the iconic Sound and Fury Festival and This is Hardcore Fest in 2018. Now, in 2020, the band is back and ready to reclaim their place in the industry.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Exlibris share new video, detail release plans

Exlibris share new video, detail release plans

Polish/Finnish power/prog metal outfit Exlibris released their third song from the upcoming album “Shadowrise”.

“All I Never Knew... is again one of those songs on the album that's something different than what I've recorded before with Exlibris. The mood in the verses is similiar to Rule #1 (in my opinion at least) and then there's this killer chorus. You simply can't hate it.” - says lead singer Riku Turunen, who also made the lyric video for the song.
“The idea of the video kind of just came out from nowhere. I had already done three or four videos for the album and wanted to do something different than just basic motion graphics. I looked at my camera and tripod and some paper on the kitchen table and figured out to "draw" the video by hand. I was almost happy with it until I had another idea to put the first filmed part inside another one, because.. well.. two videos is more than one. And as you all know, more is more.” - he adds.

The band revealed that they had prepared a video for each of the six songs on the album and will be releasing them one by one every two weeks. The release of sixth and final song on April 17th will coincide with the physical release on CD.

“Shadowrise” is now available for preorder via their website:

Watch the video for “All I Never Knew”: 


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