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Sunday, December 28, 2014

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Dave Evans presents EP "What About Tomorrow"

Dave Evans, founder and original vocalist for the band AC/DC, teamed up with songwriter/mucisian David Mobley to bring you the EP "What About Tomorrow"....the latest and all new and different fusion

"What About Tomorrow Tracklisting:
1. What About Tomorrow
2. Tell Me A Lie
3. Hot Acoustic Nite
4. Be Your Last Kiss
5. Here I Come

The title track ‘What About Tomorrow’ takes the listeners straight into today’s world headlines – and where we are all headed if things do not shape up soon. 

Track 2 ‘Tell Me A Lie’ is a softer and superbly blended acoustic and rock guitar ballad that shows the softer side of Dave Evans – a song that most any listener can easily relate to. 

Track 3 ‘Hot Acoustic Nite’ is also a very unique and entwined blend of acoustic and rock guitar with fantasy lyrics to match –quite possibly the “sleeper” hit of this remarkable EP. 

Track 4 ‘Be Your Last Kiss’ starts as a light ballad that then turns full blown rock that really sends a message from one to another. This particular track really shows Dave’s diverse style of vocals. 

Track 5 ‘Here I Come’ – by far the darkest song of the EP – the type of song that Dave Evans trademark vocals are known for. The vocals in this song alone may just leave one’s skin crawling. 

"What About Tomorrow" Music Video

All 5 tracks were written by seasoned songwriter/musicians David Mobley,Cliff Turpin and Jonathan Pugh. The EP is also Produced by David Mobley.

David Mobley Productions is pleased to announce 
"What About Tomorrow" is now available at:
Amazon & CD Baby

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