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lunedì 25 novembre 2019

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ILLUCIA Old School Heavy Metal

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proudly to announce the debut EP of Heavy Metal band from India called ILLUCIA.
The product it's entitled "111".
The EP contains five solid Old School Heavy Metal songs in vein of epic act as Omen, Maiden and Manilla Road. The singer is a special guest, Vineesh Venugopal from the legendary band Lucidreams from Bangalore, India. 
The release will be published in December 5th - 2019.
The digital album available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

The Italian site HMM - Heavy Metal Music defines the Illucia band as "Amazing the epic sound of the Indian band that ranks among the best realities coming from South Asia"

Illucia was formed in 2014, as a three piece band by Nitin Charles Martin, Srivatsa B and Vishal Vineesh. 
The main influences are Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Omen, King Diamond, Saxon, Accept  etc.
Their career took off with performances at Sunday Jam, The Grand Freedom Jam annually, World Music Day and Bangalore Open Streets. 
Along with gigging, Illucia have also won 1st place at NIRVAAN (SJC Battle of Bands) 2nd Place at Phenomenon and have played at a fundraising event in Mallya Aditi International School. 
The band has also played on professional platforms such as the Dio Tribute Gig at Indigo Live Music Bar, Bonded By Blood (alongside Symphonic Eternity), United By Hatred (alongside Piston and Speedtrip), Agro Coastal Café, Legends of Rock at LeRock and Tuesday Jam at Big Pitcher.
Over the years They have had a lot of line-up changes but the core of the band has always been the trio of Nitin, Srivatsa and Vishal until recently Vishal had to leave the band due to certain reasons. 
The first EP titled “111” was self released on 6th September 2019 and is available on Bandcamp in physical copies, in Cd format. 

Band Members:
Nitin Charles Martin - Guitars,
Vishal Vineesh - Bass(EX)
Srivatsa Balaji - Drums

Track list:
01 Lucy
02 Seraph Fiend
03 111
04 The High Priest
05 Decimation of the Circle (D.O.T.C)

Band FB:
Band site: 


World Press Agency:

mercoledì 14 agosto 2019

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HEAVY PETTIN‘ return for the second leg of their Back On The Road Part II tour

Glasgow rockers HEAVY PETTIN‘ return for the second leg of their 'Back On The Road Part II'  tour  and a festival appearance at Golden Age Rock Festival in Belgium for August and September.

Back On The Road Part II - Tour dates:

Aug 22 - Eleven, Stoke, England
Aug 23 - Camden Underworld, London, England
Aug 25 - Golden Age Rock Festival, Liege, Belgium
Aug 30 - Crauford Arms Music Venue, Milton Keynes, England
Aug 31 - The Tivoli, Buckley, North Wales  w/ Rock Godess
Sep 01 - The Exchange Bristol, England w/ Rock Godess
Sep 04 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England w/ Rock Godess
Sep 05 - The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool, England w/ Rock Godess
Sep 06 - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland w/ Rock Godess
Sep 07 - Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby, England w/ Rock Godess
Sep 08 - The Robin 2, Bilston, England   w/ Rock Godess
Feb 08-13, 2020 - MORC X, 'Monsters of Rock Crusie' Florida, Belize & Mexico

Stardom beckoned for Heavy Pettin‘ back in the early 80’s with arena tours supporting Kiss, Ozzy and Mötley Crüe and along with the help of MTV, the band scored a couple of Stateside hits.

In 2017, original members Hamie, Punky, and Gordon joined by Jez Parry on bass and Michael Ivory on drums performed for the first time in 25 years. Reinvigorated, HEAVY PETTIN‘ , joined by ex-Gun guitarist Dave Aitken due to Punky hanging up his guitar and going in to retirement, did several shows in 2018 and 2019.

According to Hamie, fans should look for a bit of 4PLAY “…the demand and support for new HEAVY PETTIN‘ material has been so overwhelming, we are excited to say we’re now working on brand new HEAVY PETTIN‘ material which will be released in 2019… and it’s going great!”

Facebook: @heavypettinofficial
Twitter: @Heavy_Pettin
Instagram: @heavypettinofficial
Get your Heavy Pettin' Merchandise Here:


sabato 3 agosto 2019

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SHAPED IN DREAMS is a musical project with guest

SHAPED IN DREAMS is a musical project of composer/multiinstrumentalist Martin Matiasovic featuring international, renowned guest artists from Black Crown Initiate, Obscura, Obscurity, Alkaloid and more. The main motivation behind the project was establishing a creative outlet for the artist's restless urge to compose and thereby also present his eclectic, multigenre vision of music mainly drawing inspiration from heavy, guitar oriented and classical music. The result is a kind of music that represents the message that genres and styles are but a superficial, non-essential quality of music, that its real substance lies beyond them and that they ultimately don't matter. This is expressed by a multitude of genres represented on the album while at the same time conveying the same ideas throughout its entirety.

Born February 1993 in Slovakia, Martin showed an early interest in music starting with recorder at the age of 6, later switching to french horn. During his mid teenage years he developed an interest in alternative rock music listening to Nirvana and Alice In Chains which also led him to pick up the guitar. Shortly after that he started favoring heavier, more guitar oriented bands like Megadeth and Judas Priest, later scandinavian melodeath pioneers In Flames and Dark Tranquillity as well as instrumental guitar music from Shrapnel Records artists. From day one he was experimenting with writing own music rather than learning songs of other artists. This naturally progressed to a heavy interest in composition and music theory which, soon after, he was being taught formally at the conservatory in Bratislava where he also continued with his french horn studies. During these years he formed a melodic death metal band with friends. This helped him to further develop his songwriting skills in the metal genre and gain experiences with playing in a band situation, later he stepped in as a touring guitarist for a local symphonic black metal band. After graduating at the conservatory he went on to study french horn performance at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, Germany, where he attained his bachelor's degree in 2019 and got further accepted for master studies. During his second year in Dresden he won a scholarship which he used as a financial basis to start producing SHAPED IN DREAMS' first realease 'Echoes of Eldren Deeds'.

Line Up:

Martin Matiasovic - producer, rhythm, lead and acoustic guitar, french horn, field recordings, composing, arranging, editing
James Dorton - vocals, arranging (Black Crown Initiate, Replacire)
Linus Klausenitzer - fretless bass, editing, arranging (Obscura, Alkaloid, Noneuclid)
Marc Dzierzon - drums, arranging (Obscurity, Centaurus-A, ex-Almanac, ex-Dew Scented)
Matthias Preisinger - acoustic piano, string instruments (german composer, multiistrumentalist, session musician)
Mikołaj Suchanek - electric piano, improvisations (jazz pianist)
Harmonia Nova - wind instruments (woodwind quintet)
Christina Rotondo - clean vocals (session vocalist)

Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger - mixing, mastering, arranging, editing, co-producing (ex-Obscura, Amogh Symphony, Pitts-Minnemann Project)

Echoes of Eldren Deeds was recorded between February 2018 and June 2019 at the respective studios of the guest artists - Germany, Slovakia, USA, Great Britain and is scheduled to be released in November 2019 via Vmbrella.


sabato 20 luglio 2019

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THE SOAPGIRLS announce their third album

Punk Rock sisters THE SOAPGIRLS have just released their third album 'Elephant In The Room', as a double album and it contains 19 tracks of punk rock with great melodies and catchy choruses.

Track list:

Disk 1

1. One Way Street
2. Bitter
3. White Flag
4. Chains [Explicit]
5. Charlie Brown
6. Ex Girlfriend
7. Girl Next Door [Explicit]
8. Fall Down
9. I Stand Alone [Explicit]
10. Bonus Track One Way Street (French)

Disk 2

1. My Development (feat. Redd Valentino Debray) [Explicit]
2. Filthy Little Liar
3. Sugar Gets You High (feat. Redd Valentino Debray) [Explicit]
4. Fade to Black
5. Catch Release Kill
6. In the Name of God [Explicit]
7. Drown
8. Hate Breeds
9. Bonus Track Sugar Gets You High (French)

On Spotify:

All songs written, arranged, composed, preformed, produced by Camille Debray and Noemie Debray. Redd Valentino Debray feat. on 'My Development'. Guitars - Noemie Debray, Bass - Millie Debray, Drumy - Daniel Ryan.

Armed with unforgettable melodies and catchy choruses, THE SOAPGIRLS energy, rawness and authenticity live, has earned a formidable reputation.

Performing internationally and continuously since 2015, these fearless French born sisters Millie and Mie, have slayed critics and earned a global dedicated group of followers known as the ‘The SoapSuds’, some of who follow the band across the UK and Europe.

The THE SOAPGIRLS are society’s rejects and their punk credentials were rubber stamped by scintillating performances at many festivals including the legendary Rebellion Festival and Camden Rocks festival last year and such was the their success that they have inevitably been asked to perform again 2019 whilst on their current tour Sniff My Strap promoting their much anticipated latest album Elephant in the Room.

THE SOAPGIRLS write outsider anthems that are androgynous, audacious and straight from the heart. Following the release of their album Societys Rejects, the band have appeared in Classic Rock Magazine, The Mirror and Vive Le Rock, while ttheir last two singles were played on BBC Radio and play listed by Planet Rock Radio as well as various other stations.

The music video for the song 'One Way Street' can be viewed below here:


martedì 30 ottobre 2018

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INVINCIBLE RECORDS announce debut of mexican Slaves Of Pain

DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce "Prayers of the death" the debut album of cult mexican musicians, Death and Thrash Metal band SLAVES OF PAIN.
The release contain ten songs and will be distributed in more than 240 countries worldwide and over 120 digital webstores, including the biggest Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music ...
Scheduled in October 30th 2018.

This musical Project include legendary musicians of band as: Xipe Totec, Miquian and Pyphomgertum. 
Alex Camacho - Vocals, 
Martín Martínez - Guitar and bass, 
Alejandro Ángeles - drums.

domenica 30 settembre 2018

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Devilskin brilliant new single released 9th Nov & video


Devilskin’s new song ‘ENDO’, is a powerfully crafted and visceral masterpiece. Not only does it showcase vocalist Jennie Skulander’s incredible power, range and emotional depth but the lyrics are an honest and brutal narrative of her personal struggle with stage 4 endometriosis.


A poignant glimpse into the pain and distress that millions of women live with on a daily basis all over the world, the song ENDO is Jennie's cathartic exorcism of her own personal demons. “Endo is based on my surgery for Stage 4 Endometriosis, something I was unaware I had. The lyric "Break the mass up" is about having an 11 cm cyst (Endometrioma) on my ovary removed. This disease affects so many women worldwide, I really think it’s time we talked openly about it.”
Watch the Endo video below:

The band explore dynamic new territory with this moody, rollercoaster of a song. Recorded at Roundhead Studios with producer Greg Haver (Bullet For My Valentine, Manic Street Preachers), engineered by Simon Gooding (Alien Weaponry, Neil Finn) and mixed in Los Angeles by Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots), the song was mastered in New York by Ryan Smith.

Devilskin display confidence and a mastery of their art with a delivery that’s both beautiful and bombastic. The gorgeous close vocal intro gives way to a crushing, all-powerful riff and the song twists, turns and totally engulfs the listener, just like the condition itself. “We've been writing a lot and really digging deep into the songs and the emotions involved. We have definitely evolved again as songwriters. We love to write our own rules, push boundaries and kick down barriers. You need to in order to grow” says band spokesman Paul Martin.

“Deborah Bush CEO of ENZ, said that more than 120,000 girls and women have endometriosis in NZ and it can take 8+ years to get a diagnosis. The most important thing is to recognise the symptoms early and follow a recommended treatment plan to avoid symptoms interfering with schooling, career, relationships, quality of life or fertility downstream.”

Director Shae Sterling has filmed a stunning and visually arresting video, which was creatively written with the band. “The subject matter demands attention, and we are confident this video does it real justice” says Paul Martin “It's not for the faint hearted.”

Devilskin will join HALESTORM for an 18 date tour starting in the Netherlands 1st October and take in 11 countries, finishing in Madrid, Spain 25th October before heading to the UK for a further ten shows.

“The UK has been really supportive of Devilskin, we have a voracious fanbase there and we are totally amped to be heading back to play for them again!” comments bassist Paul Martin “We made a lot of friends last time we were there at Download festival so we've been hanging out to get back.”

Devilskin UK Tour :
31st October Boston Music Rooms London
1st November Hobo’s Bridgend
2nd November Think Tank Newcastle
3rd November Cathouse Glasgow
4th November The Live Rooms Chester
5th November 02 Academy 3 Birmigham
6th November Rebellion Manchester
7th November Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes
8th November Corporation Sheffield
11th November Old Fire Station Bournemouth

“We’ve been itching to get back to the UK, we had such an amazing tour with Sumo Cyco during Feb 2017 and can’t wait to hit the road and re-connect with our UK fans" comments vocalist Jennie Skulander

Supporting Devilskin on the UK leg will be The Fallen State.

“The Fallen State have been putting in the hard yards and selling out venues,” says Martin, “they're getting a great reputation as an exciting act. We seem to share the same work ethic and they're also friends with our mates in Halestorm so we're really looking forward to having some fun and putting on some killer shows with these guys.”

Tickets on sale now through Live Nation here:

For more information on Endometriosis please visit

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LECHER thrilling to announce debut album Castle Of Hallucinations

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are thrilling to announce the metal warriors called LECHER their debut album it's entitled "Castle Of Hallucinations".
The release date is September 30th.
The digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Lecher from Sorocaba, Sao Paolo, Brazil were born in 2007, originally the band was formed by Diego Alquezar and Sergio Willian, the intention is to play the aggressive and direct Heavy Metal, with technique and heart.
After several changes of the line-up, joined the band Marcelo '' Zé Bolha '' Machado (formerly Alcoholikiller, Skyrunner) and Juliano Costa (formerly -Prepared to Kill and Warshipper).
Rodolfo Nekathor (ex-Zoltar, Lost Graveyard) joined the band in 2009, reinforcing the band that is now ready.
After a trial period, Rodolfo Nekathor and Sergio Willian left the Lecher and Juliano Costa took down and became the lead singer.
In 2013, Alex Aquino (ex-Fire Diamond, Excalibur, Prepared to Kill, Retaliation and Speed ​​Metal Hell) was invited to enter the line-up, giving back to the band two guitarists and forming a classic quartet.
Today Lecher are considered one of the main forces of the Brazilian national heavy metal.
This year Lecher have signed a promotion agreement with the Steel Metal Press of Sao Paolo, an agency owned by Luis Carlos Domingos, singer and leader of the Krull.

Band line-up:
Juliano Costa - Lead Vocals and Bass
Diego Alquezar - Backing Vocals and Guitars
Alex Aquino - Guitars
Marcelo ''Zé Bolha'' Machado - Drums

In collaboration with

lunedì 24 settembre 2018

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Scyther's new video

New video from italian Thrash Heavy Metal band called Scyther!

The digital album is launche by Heart Of Steel Records and available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

sabato 1 settembre 2018

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BIGFOOT Announce EUROPEAN & UK 'Consider Yourself Invited' Tour Dates

UK hard rock band, BIGFOOT, have announced European & UK 'Consider Yourself Invited' tour dates in September and October 2018 in support of their self-titled debut album. BIGFOOT are one of the new crop of great bands coming out of the Uk & one to watch, with great live performances & sellout shows in the UK. The band are growing in popularity both in the UK & Europe.


16th - COLOSSEUM - GENK - BELGIUM, Tickets:


28th - ELEVEN, STOKE, Tickets:
30th - YARDBIRDS, GRIMSBY, Tickets:

4th - IRONROAD, EVESHAM, Tickets:
6th - NEW CROSS INN, LONDON*, Tickets:
7th - FUEL, CARDIFF, Tickets:
10th - FULFORD ARMS, YORK, Tickets:
13th - BRICKYARD, CARLISLE, Tickets:
18th - WATERLOO, BLACKPOOL, Tickets:
19th - KEY CLUB, LEEDS, Tickets:

* Festival Appearances


Sean Seabrook - Vocals
Sam Millar - Guitar
Mick McCullagh - Guitar
Matt Avery - Bass
Tom Aspinall - Drums

BIGFOOT is a 5 piece Hard Rock band based in Wigan, England. Formed in the spring of 2014 combining powerful vocals, dual lead guitars, a thunderous rhythm section and massive drums. With influences stemming from many different genres from The Eagles to Pantera this is a band that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a wide range of music fans.

In the short time since forming the band has toured heavily and had 3 releases. After two successful self released EP’s the band signed to Frontiers Records and released their self titled debut album in October 2017 which charted in the UK top 40 rock albums.

Commanding vocals, a twin guitar attack that meshes fierce staccato rhythms and lightning lead guitar lines and a stomping beat all combine to grab your attention. - 8/10 Classic Rock Magazine

This long awaited debut is overflowing with nutritious, meaty goodness that leaves a succulent after taste long after its consumption. - Fireworks Magazine

This is some of the most enjoyable rock you will hear all year. - 10/10 Powerplay Magazine


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KILMARA Release 'End Of The World' Lyric Video

Spanish melodic metal band, KILMARA, have released a lyric video for “End Of The World“, the song is taken from their fourth album ‘Across the Realm of Time‘, out August 31, 2018 via ROAR Rock Of Angels Records. The video can be viewed here:

KILMARA have recenlty released a music video for 'Out From The Darkness': 


1. …And into the Realm
2. Purging Flames
3. The Silent Guide
4. The End of the World
5. My Haven
6. Principles of Hatred
7. The Forge
8. Disciples
9. I Shall Rise Again
10. Out From the Darkness…

The album can be pre-ordered here:

The album was produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Roland Grapow (Lords of Black, Masterplan, Squealer, Black Majesty, Eagleheart…). The artwork made by Didac Plà.

Guests on the album are Jordi Longán (ex-Ipsilon) keyboard, Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) guitar solo and background vocals on, Viktorie Surmøva ( Surmatra, Rosa Nocturna, Victorius ) vocals.

The powerful melodic metal band KILMARA presents their new masterpiece “Across the Realm of Time“. After three critically acclaimed albums, the debut “Haunting Dreams” the work that put them on the world map, “Dont fear the Wolf” and their fantastic third album “Love songs and other nightmares“, it was time for KILMARA to make their fourth album, the most important of their career. With the incorporations of the American singer Daniel Ponce and the virtuoso Argentinian guitarist Miguel Laise, KILMARA returns to revolutionize their sound being now more melodic, faster and powerful, but without losing the class and mastery that characterizes them. “Across the realm of time” is the definitive work and consecration of KILMARA, a new step to conquer all lovers of quality metal.


John Portillo – Guitar
Miguel Laise – Guitars
Dani Ponce – Vocals
Javier Morillo – Drums
Didakio – Bass

KILMARA has created a collection of incredible songs that are inspired by melodic heavy metal and European progpower metal always looking for a modern and elegant sound. KILMARA is today one of the most powerful and innovative bands to consider in the modern metal scene. With a past-present-future concept as a basis, this is a circular work in which to submerge and let yourself be carried away by the passion that exists in each topic from beginning to end.


venerdì 20 aprile 2018

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Serena the ballads selection

DeFox Records and QUEEN Records are proud to announce the best collection of the italian rockers SERENA ROCK BAND  titled  "A beautiful simple ballads"  that will be available on the digital market from April 30th, 2018 in all the best webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...and many more.

SERENA ROCK BAND are one of the most influential bands of the 1980's italian way of metal rock Invasion, having released more than ten albums, two live albums, and numerous compilations.
The band of Franco Maria Serena was important for creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance.
The band were honoured with the "Best Hard Rock Act" prize at ROCK ITALY Awards 2011, where they were described as the "greatest italian Hard Rock band of all time"!
Today the SERENA ROCK BAND is active with a strong energy, after 40 years of great rock!

Track list :
1) BUCHI NELL’ANIMA 6.18 (tastiere Alberto Lazzarin))
2) NOI DUE 5.26 (tastiere Luigi Stefanini)
3) COME APPESI NOI 5.07 (piano Carlo Santacatterina-sax Enrico Dal Bosco-basso Luigi Stefanini)

4) DARLING 4.20 (percussioni Maurizio Tortima)
5) GREEN CAR 4.23

From CD JUKE BOX (2006):
6) ONLY A FOOTSTEP 2.23 (chitarra e armonica a bocca Roby Colella-basso Aldo Tagliapietra)

From CD LIKE A DREAM (1994):
7) LIKE A DREAM 4.30

8) A WHITER SHADE OF PALE 4.53 (tastiere Valerio Nigrelli-violino Alessandro Dalla Vecchia)

From CD FRAMMENTI (2005):
9) IO SONO QUI A TESTA IN GIU’ 4.48 (violino Alessandro Dalla Vecchia)
10) NOI SIAMO FELICI 3.45 (tastiere Carlo Santacatterina-chitarra Marco Pellegrini)                                                                                                

1) 2)  3) Franco Maria SERENA-Vittorio COSTA
4) 5)  Franco Maria SERENA-Ruggero ROBIN
6) 7)  Franco Maria SERENA
8) Keith REID-Gary BROOKER
9) Franco Maria SERENA

Artwork by Lucio De Biase
Mastering by Valerio Nigrelli
Produced by Franco Maria Serena for DeFox Records and A.N.L.
Press office by Dvlgator Bureau

martedì 3 aprile 2018

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Gary Moon and Eric Ragno interview

In Conversation with Gary Moon and Eric Ragno

By the end of the 80s, Gary Moon got one of his biggest gigs, being taken by the famous band Three Dog Night. 

Some time later he ended being a Night Ranger member, along Brad Gills and Kelly Keagy, where he recorded on album "Feeding At The Mojo". 
With two solo albums under his belt, he is recreating several of the song he was part of, along Eric Ragno in keys. Ragno played keyboards in several bands like The Babys, Mecca and Joe Lynn Turner.

In this conversation with Argentinean rock journalist, Lucas H. Gordon, Gary and Eric talked about their presentation in the Melodic Rock Fest in Chicago, and Moon commented a few interesting rock stories.

Picture and video courtesy by Lucas H.Gordon