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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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PYRAH Female Fronted from France

Pyrah was founded at the end of 2012, at a particular time when all its members wished for a serious and powerful project. Starting with five musicians including two guitar players, the band quickly turned into a quartet and decided they were fine with it for now.

Our first album “Where Am I?” was released in March 2014 and displays the composing and improvement work of a whole year as an amateur band. Despite a couple of aspects that could be made better, as pointed out by some critics, the LP has received extremely good reviews, which makes us want to go on digging in this new/hybrid direction.

With influences very diverse getting expressed in our music, it is no easy task to define the band as belonging to a genre. However, Progressive, Alternative and Post Metal are clearly part of the sound.

Pyrah is still young and we are constantly looking out to share our music. Therefore, we are still working hard on creating a second album and finding new gigs!

Stephany: Clean&scream vocals
Lucie: Drums
Jean-Loup: Guitare
Olivier: Bass 

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