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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with british prog sensation BABYSUN

BABYSUN launched recently the EP titled “One big everything” that contains 6 songs with the influence including Brit Progressive meet Indie alt mood. The digital release is now available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...distribuited by Brit Beat Records
Produced by Vic Bronzini Fulton and Chris McEvoy.
We have talked with the guys about the story of the band, below the interview!

1. Hi guys, tell us when you formed Babysun?
Babysun was formed in 2009

2. Your Ep contains a number of styles, what is the genre of your sound?
We think it’s somewhere in the Alternative genre, maybe Electonic/Ambient Psychedelic be honest we’re not really sure, you tell us.

3. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them?
Vic writes the lyrics and they’re a combination of experiences, observation and personal views on everything from love, to politics.

4. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "Babysun"?
I liked the idea of something that suggested positivity and hope and that we are all little baby suns with a light to shine. I know, that sounds a bit hippy but hey.

5. Your album will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations?
We are just pleased to have a label who felt the material had a place and that people would like it. We don’t have any major expectations, just hope that the music can reach as many people as possible across the world and that they enjoy it.

6. To promote the record are you planning a live tour?
We would love to do some ‘live’ work as the project has been mainly a studio thing the last few years. Hopefully the EP release can generate enough of a buzz for us to entice a good ‘live’ agent or agents to help us co-ordinate that. So anyone out there who would like to get involved in that please contact us....we are here and ready to go.

7. Have you played in some important festivals?
Yes in the past we have played various festivals in the UK and some smaller events in Europe, we did open the Karel Muse Expo in Cagliari a few years ago too, that was particularly nice to be involved in.

8. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's causedby the internet? Technological development? or it's changed the mentality of the fans? 
I feel that maybe music isn’t so much of a ‘special’ thing to a lot of young people now as it’s so easily available and instant. Also the trend is for huge playlists of single tracks on personal devices now and not so much about having favourite bands/artists albums and becoming real fans and following that bands career the way I certainly would have done in my younger days...on the other hand the technological developments have given more new artists a platform to expose their music to the world, I believe that is a positive thing.

9. This is your first work for Brit Beat Records, what made you switch to them?
We were excited by the labels enthusiasm for the material and how much they wanted to help us promote the music.

10.Tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?
Vic was once quizzed by a rather drunk person at a ‘live’ show ‘How come if musicians were so good at what they did why couldn’t they create another music key like ‘H’ and why hadn’t it been done in all the years? He had no answer.

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