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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Blaze Bayley interviewed in Los Angeles

Interview from our friend Lucas Gordon in L.A.

In 1994, Iron Maiden gave the welcome to their new frontman, Blaze Bayley and with him, they released two albums: "The X Factor" and "Virtual XI".
He gained fame around the world, touring worldwide, playing in front of thousands of fans.

Now he runs his own band, which includes 3/4 members of Absolva, and he is in tour promoting his first two albums that belong to a Trilogy.
Bayley had a conversation with argentinean rock journalist, Lucas H. Gordon about the new album, the story behind the trilogy and remembered part of his time with the Maidens.

What is the future of Trinity? Did he intentionally coordinated in doing a trilogy at the same time of Geoff Tate and his Operation Mindcrime? What is the status of his band Wolfsbane?


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